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We provide competency-based behavioral interviewing training for interview teams including hiring managers, recruiters, and interviewers. We have been publishing articles for over 40 years to address the myriad of issues encountered in the process of hiring top talent.

20 Years of Interviewer Training


In December 1982, we opened our doors for business, delivering a seminar
now called Effective Interviewing!®. Although times have changed over these past two decades, our mission remains the same - we teach interviewers how to select the best talent to make their business more successful. Our formula has worked well, and in celebration of our 20th anniversary, we'd like to thank our clients and staff, and acknowledge some of our milestones.

We have served over 300 clients, across the U.S. and globally. They range in size and industry, and include leading firms such as eBay, FMC, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Korn/Ferry International, Lehman Brothers, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, NALP, Roche Bioscience, TRW and University of California. Because we help these organizations improve their hiring results, they bring us back year after year. Additional clients include start-ups, law firms, health care organizations and many others, all wanting to improve hiring processes and business results.

We have seven trainers throughout the United States - New York,
Philadelphia, Houston, San Francisco Bay Area, and one in London. They are experienced, recruitment professionals who can deliver course content, along with timely insight and advice. We are also fortunate to have a talented office team who take pride in their work and our mission.

1982 Started the business in New Canaan, Connecticut with our first
client, J. Walter Thompson, a global advertising agency.

1984 Relocated to San Francisco, and hired additional trainers.

1985 Produced our first training videotape for National Association for
Law Placement (NALP).

1987 Publication by Prentice-Hall of our first book, "Getting Behind the
Resume: Interviewing Today's Candidates."

1990 Introduced our diversity-focused Interviewing Today's Workforce seminar (now called Reduce Unconscious Bias) to a receptive marketplace, just as interest in diversity issues began to build. Twelve years later, this popular program still faces no competitors as we expand the skills taught in this crucial area.

1991 Began publishing "The Interviewer's Edge," the first and only
newsletter on selection interviewing and hiring practices.

1997 Developed and introduced the first online interviewing tools and won "Website of the Month" recognition from Executive Recruiter's News.

1998 Addressed declining candidate authenticity and initiated solutions
for our clients - long before Enron and WorldCom hit the headlines.

2000 Introduced our "Selling to Today's Candidates" seminar to help clients effectively turn offers into acceptances when hiring top talent.

2002 Updated and trademarked our "HirePath®" online behavioral interviewing tools, which now not only enable participants to brush up on skills learned in the seminar, but also easily create job descriptions, customize interview guides, arrange team schedules, and report candidate evaluations.

We continue to pursue our passion - to help others select and hire the best talent - and to learn and grow. We thank everyone who has added to our wisdom and contributed to our success in these first 20 years.