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Brooks Brother's Blunder

Newsletter • volume 1 • number 8

In a recent job bias suit, Brooks Brothers was accused of discriminatory hiring practices, and in order to settle the embarrassing case out of court, had to pay some hefty fines.

The incident involved two Massachusetts undercover agents posing as applicants for an assistant manager job in one of the Boston Brooks Brothers' stores. The state sent into Brooks Brothers a white applicant followed one hour later by an equally qualified black applicant. The white applicant was told the job was open. One hour later, the black applicant was told the store wasn't hiring.

Readers of this newsletter were warned about government investigators (see Editor's Note). The Brooks Brothers case suggests it's time to review your hiring and employment practices again.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: For a thorough discussion of government investigators see The Interviewer's Edge, 2nd Quarter, 1991, Discrimination Detectives ]