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Diversity: As American As Apple Pie

NEWSLETTER • volume 1 • number 4

Diversity means taking advantage of new and multiple opportunities. In a historical perspective, this is how American business has benefited from diversity:

- During the Industrial Revolution, business used diverse technologies to expand.

- Diversification of products allowed steady growth an expansion of market share. Remember when cars and telephones were available in only one model or color?

- Then business focused on developing diverse customers by expanding nationally, and now globally.

In summary, winners recognize and take advantage of multiple opportunities.

If companies delay addressing diversity, what they face in the future is wasted energy and loss of productivity. We have seen in this country diversity in technologies, product lines, customers, markets and now people.

America has a unique opportunity worldwide to make workforce diversity a cooperative advantage.

We thank Jim Williams of Hewlett-Packard for sharing this perspective with us.