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Hiring for Diversity at the Top


Korn/Ferry International reports in their 1990 Executive Profile survey of senior managers that women are expected to comprise 16 percent of senior management teams 10 years from now. In contrast, only 3 percent of today's top managers are women.

Further, 18 percent of respondents expect experience in the international area to be the most assured path to success 10 years from now whereas only 1 percent view it that way now.

Achievement of these higher numbers can make your firm more competitive and even revitalize an aging or burned out workforce. But how can this happen in your company?

First, train those who interview diverse talent at middle management levels how to understand all candidates as unique individuals. Make sure they can recognize and set aside those cultural and gender stereotypes that obscure good staffing decisions. Once trained in these new skills, encourage them to select and promote terrific people for the future of your company.