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How Management and Leadership Competencies Differ

Newsletter • volume 1 • number 1

Professor John Kotter of the Harvard Business School has written an excellent book - A Force for Change: How Leadership differs from Management. For certain clients, we use Professor Kotter's concepts in our Effective Interviewing!® seminar to define differences between Managers and Leaders. Here is how Kotter compares Management and Leadership:

   Management  Leadership
Creating an Agenda Planning and Budgeting Establishing Direction (Vision)
Developing a Human Network Organizing and Staffing Aligning People
Execution Controlling and Problem-Solving Motivating and Inspiring
Outcomes Produces a degree of predictability and order Produces change

Using our three Performance Factors, here is a sample of the differences our clients see between competencies sought in Managers and Leaders.

 Performance Factors  Managers  Leaders
Intellectual Analytical
Common Sense
Interpersonal Coaching Skills
Motivation Career-minded
(Wants a) Challenge