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Insiders' Interview Questions (Part I)

Newsletter • volume 1 • number 9

In today's world of savvy, well-coached candidates, fresh and challenging questions help interviewers keep their edge. Recently, Jim Kennedy asked Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) members about their favorite interview questions and wrote the results into an article for Executive Recruiter's News.

Kennedy received over 150 suggested questions from over 50 consultants, as well as from readers of the ERN article. Below are some of the most interesting questions submitted. You'll find more in the next few issues of The Interviewer's Edge.

Forming Values

"How do you perceive your early background/family experience to have impacted your career." Peter Crist, Russell Reynolds Assoc. ­ Chicago, IL

"How has your personal background (upbringing, schooling) influenced what you are today, your career progression, your management/people style?" David L. Gabriel, Korn/Ferry Intl. ­ Dallas, TX

"What are the values you were taught in your family?" Millie McCoy, Gould & McCoy, Inc. ­ New York, NY

"What was the most difficult ethical decision you have had to make and why?" Keith C. Southerland, Witt/Kieffer ­ Dallas, TX

Professional Relationships

"Where do you relate the best? Up one level, down one level or with peers?" Carl Olsen, A.T. Kearney ­ Redwood City, CA

"How do you elevate a subordinate's performance?" Neal L. Maslan, Ward Howell Intl. ­ Encino, CA

"How do you build a team under you?" Bev Lieberman, Halbrecht Lieberman Assoc. ­ Stamford, CT

"What qualities have you liked/disliked in your bosses­why?" Robert W. Dingman, Robert W. Dingman Co. ­ Westlake Village, CA

"How do you evaluate the performance of your subordinates?" C. Hale Cochran, Fenwick Partners ­ Lexington, MA

"How are you best managed?" Alan Neely, Korn/Ferry ­ Atlanta, GA

Priorities and a Balanced Life

"Discuss the importance of your job vis-a-vis your family and your faith." Skott B. Burkland, Skott/Edwards Consultants ­ Rutherford, NJ

"How do you balance your personal and business lives?" Howard Bratches, Thorndike Deland Assoc. ­ New York, NY

"How do you reward yourself for working hard? How would you spend more free time if you had it?" J. Edgar Sockwell, Sockwell & Associates ­ Charlotte, NC