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Insiders' Interview Questions (Part II)

Newsletter • volume 1 • number 10

Jim Kennedy asked Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) members to submit their favorite interview questions. Here is part two of some of the most interesting questions he received:

Handling the Downside

"When and why have you fired people?" John Franklin, Russell Reynolds - Washington, D.C.

"What is the most adverse situation with which you have had to deal in your personal or professional life? How did you deal with it? What was the outcome?" Joe Griesedieck, SpencerStuart - San Francisco, CA

"Is there any pattern to critical feedback you tend to get from others?" Jim Masciarelli, Fenwick Partners - Lexington, MA

"Have you made any mistakes during your career? If so, what were they? How did you fix them?" Andrew R. Zaleta, The Heidrick Partners, Inc. - New York, NY

"Let's talk about 'set-backs.' How have they affected you and your family?" George Rossi, Heidrick & Struggles - Boston, MA

"Tell me about the events surrounding firing someone or severely reprimanding someone." Gary Knisely, Johnson Smith & Knisley -New York, NY

"How do you show your anger and frustration?" H. Carter Barger, Barger & Sargeant, Inc. - Concord, NH

Career Success

"If I hadn't contacted you about this search what would have been your career prospects in your current company?" Bill Bryan, Thorndike Deland Assoc. - New York, NY

"Do you consider your progress to date to be representative of your abilities?" Jeffrey Zwiff, Johnson, Smith and Knisely - New York, NY

"Tell me about your most recent interview." Paul R. Ray, Jr., Paul R. Ray & Co. - Fort Worth, TX

"According to your definition of success, how successful have you been?" J. Edgar Sockwell, Sockwell & Associates - Charlotte, NC

"What's been the role of luck in your success?" Leon Farley, Leon Farley & Assoc. - San Francisco, CA

Nowhere to Hide

"If you were speaking tonight to the National Association of Manufacturers, which subject would you select that would enable the audience to see what is special about you as a business person?" Roger M. Kenny, Kenny, Kindler, Hunt & Howe - New York, NY

"What was the most difficult ethical decision you have had to make and what was the outcome?" Keith C. Southerland, Witt/Kieffer - Dallas, TX

"What is the difference between a good position and an excellent one?" F. Wayne Mitchell, Korn/Ferry Intl. - Dallas, TX