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More Ammunition for Candidates

Newsletter • volume 1 • number 1

Knock 'em Dead by Martin Yate joins the endless list of books for candidates on how to control, win and dominate the job interview. This book "provides more than 200 winning responses to tough interview questions."

Upon examination, the questions don't seem that tough ("What is your greatest weakness?" or "Why do you want to change jobs?"), but the range of possible answers provided by the author can make a diligent candidate look reasonably good to the unwary manager.

Yate also provides a whole chapter of advice on how to respond if asked to take a drug test. He warns job-seekers about false positives in drug tests and the danger of having your professional reputation destroyed due to things like second-hand marijuana smoke. His advice to job-seekers facing a test? Take B-complex vitamins several days before the test. He also scripts a suggested reply if an employer says "You seem remarkably well briefed on this topic."