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Online and "Just-in-Time" Interview Training

NEWSLETTER • volume 3 • number 1

At a Instructional Systems Association (ISA) conference, a panel of client organizations that included AT&T, Deloitte & Touche, Kaiser Permanente, and Target, described their training needs. Without exception, these companies said they wanted ISA member firms to provide them with brief but effective training that could be delivered in "just-in-time" modules online.

The words "brief" and "effective" are key. Speed is essential because workers have limited time for training and because, these days, information becomes obsolete almost as fast as technology does. Even more important, it takes rapid-fire responses to stay competitive in today's marketplace.

But faster doesn't necessarily mean better. Training, no matter how trimmed down or slicked up, is useless if it doesn't lead to improved performance. Online tools can enhance performance by reinforcing classroom learning and by giving people immediate access to the newest ideas and techniques. In fact, online learning is what education should be: a responsive, ongoing process with tools that are available when you need them. We are convinced that this kind of learning has enormous potential, and are proud to be one of the innovators in the field of online interview training.