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Recruiting on the Internet

• volume 2 • number 6

Today's job candidates are turning to the Internet for a fast, easy way to find the positions they are looking for. It is no longer necessary for job seekers to spend hours looking through the help-wanted section of the newspaper. A few essential bookmarks on their Web browser make the search a lot quicker.

Clicking on will turn up the classified section of major newspapers across the country. Type in the position of interest and a few keywords and the computer does the rest. Whether it's the San Jose Mercury News or the New York Times, it's at

Another essential bookmark for job seekers is The Online Career Center is a resource for job seekers across the country. Not only does it give candidates a list of specific jobs to choose from, it also gives them a link to rental searches, local news, and the weather in locations of interest.

Both and (Monsterboard) are good Web sites for job searchers. Clicking on job search will take the candidate to a form where they can enter the desired position and location.

Even Internet Search Services like Yahoo! and Excite are getting in on the employment classified business. It is currently free for employers to post positions on these sites. A quick look through Yahoo! (classified. reveals an overwhelming number of job openings in the Silicon Valley. Candidates can also register their HTML resumes with Yahoo!, resumes that often include graphics and links – a break from the traditional text- only resumes.

Jobtrak ( is now working with schools across the country to provide an online job list for their graduates. Through the school's Career Resources, students and alumni acquire a password which gives them access to the Jobtrak site and jobs posted specifically for their school.

Recruiters have traditionally gone to the Internet to post openings for high tech positions. But employment Web sites are not just for high tech positions anymore. In addition to engineers and programmers, there are plenty of sales, accounting, and other types of positions listed on the Internet.

The Internet is a cost effective way to advertise job openings. Many candidates don't use the newspapers or employment agencies anymore – it's all on the Internet.