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So You Have An Interview Tomorrow?

Newsletter • volume 1 • number 1

Tomorrow you have an interview and it's been months since you conducted one. Here are seven quick ideas from our Effective Interviewing!® training to get you ready.

l. List six key job-related behavioral qualities the candidate needs to have to fit into your culture and handle the job.

2. Pick 3-4 major topics off the resume which you can open up with "Tell me about..." and put the resume aside.

3. Ask for a major accomplishment in each topic area.

4. Use direct or third-party Self-appraisal Questions to understand how accomplishments were made and how the boss rated their work. Use the boss's name in each third-party question.

5. Ask candidates to list the qualities they draw on for their success (compare to your list from Step l).

6. For two of the qualities listed in Step 1, create and use Continuum Questions, where you ask the candidate to place him or herself between two positive qualities.

7. Probe for examples of how the candidate has demonstrated the other four qualities listed in Step l.

At the end of the interview, review your notes and compare what you learned about the candidate to what you said you wanted in Step 1.