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The Hiring Thaw

INTERVIEW EDGE • JAN 1993 • volume 1 • number 7

As the recession of the early 90's shows promising signs of retreat, previously stagnant employers may be surprised by the surge of job openings, and by the nature of today's diverse workforce.

"Job turnover will increase as the economy makes a positive up-swing," predicts one of our clients. Corporate loyalty is decreasing and employee skepticism is increasing, causing disenchanted employees to dust off their resumés and start job-hunting. Employees have stayed in jobs they don't like because of the poor job market.

In addition, many companies who have reduced or totally avoided recruiting for the last 3-4 years are going to find holes in their organization that will need filling. In response, companies will need better recruiting and selling practices to land superior candidates.

However, companies that have been in a hiring freeze will find today's marketplace much different from the one they left in the 80's. The Workforce 2000 prediction of increasing diversity in the job market has become today's reality. Facing the new issues of diversity will be the employer's key to successfully filling empty positions with top candidates.