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Values Can Prediction Motivation and Behavior


Effective interviewers know that learning a candidate's values can lead to better predictions of motivation and behavior.

A dramatic example surfaced in the recent selection of George Fisher from Motorola as the new chairman of Eastman Kodak. Kodak has gone through gradual downsizing, reorganizing and cost cutting programs for 10 years. Conventional wisdom said that the new CEO of Kodak would slash costs and at least 20,000 more jobs than the 10,000 already planned for elimination by his predecessors.

But Fisher made it clear that he is a leader more interested in building sales and developing new products than in improving short-term performance by cutting more jobs. Fisher's values define the man. His selection by the Board of Directors indicates that they agree he can run the company in a new way, a way that is in keeping with their purposes and goals.

Consider the statement he made at the press conference announcing his selection. "While shareholders deserve a fair return on their investment, they are just one of five 'publics' the company serves," he said. "The other four are customers, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we live."

We will be talking more about values and their role in predicting behavior in future issues of this newsletter.