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Workforce 2000 Woes


Most of our readers are familiar with this figure from the Department of Labor Study, Workforce 2000: 85 percent of new hires in the 90's will be women, minorities and immigrants. While these are the demographic realities, there are disturbing numbers relating to the skill base of those entering the workforce. A U.S. Department of Education study found that among 21-25 year olds:

- Only 60 percent could locate information in a news article or almanac.

- No more than 25 percent of those tested could decipher a bus schedule.

- Fewer than half (44 percent) could correctly determine the change they were due from the purchase of a two-item restaurant meal.

The President of Pacific Telesis recently reported that only 4 out of 10 applicants can pass their 7th-grade level skills test.

While we can't directly impact the output of our educational system, we can help our clients select the best of what is available. Along this line, we will continue to offer the most effective interview questions and techniques.

We also recommend you have at least one question on the application or a screening process form which requires an answer written by the applicant in your offices.