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We have been publishing articles for over 30 years to address the myriad of issues that interviewers encounter in the process of hiring top talent. Our library of articles is available below for your review.

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  • Jan 2016

    Warning: This Article May Be Disturbing

    Hiring new college graduates requires some recalibrating of the interview process. Here are some questions to draw upon in your next interview.

  • Sep 2014

    How Real is the Skills Gap?

    Some argue there are currently plenty of qualified individuals in the workforce and that employers routinely overlook top candidates and artificially create a skills gap.

  • Sep 2009

    YouTube Impacts Behavioral Interviewing

    There's been exponential growth in interview coaching services—from outplacement firms to the Internet and most recently to YouTube.

  • Mar 2009

    AIG Talent Management Mockery

    What has infuriated most Americans is the $165 million in bonuses paid to the AIG executives who caused the company’s near-collapse. As I see it, AIG isn’t just a financial fiasco; it’s a talent management disaster.

  • Aug 2008

    NALP Articles and Resources

    The National Association for Law Placement (NALP) invited us back for a tenth time to speak at the annual NALP conference on the topic of Millennials.

  • Sep 2005

    FEMA Fiasco

    We teach techniques to determine a candidate’s authenticity. Among these is carefully screening the resume before any face-to-face behavioral interview.

  • Jun 2001

    The Flawed Interview Process

    Graduate students are spending too much time learning how to take an interview but rarely learn how to conduct one. Look at the problems this presents once those students enter the workforce.

  • Apr 2000

    Things Don't Always Go Better with Coke

    Hiring flawed candidates with the expectation that they will improve once they are on the job can be a big mistake.

  • Apr 2000

    Buyer Beware

    There is another new trend among young job applicants, according to our high-tech clients. It seems that students called back for in-firm interviews now ask recruiters, "Will I be having any behavioral interviews?"

  • Oct 1999

    Blue Chips Fight Back . . . Fast

    In an effort to halt the "brain drain" from prestigious consulting firms to obscure startups, traditional consulting firms are resorting to radical new tactics.

  • Oct 1999

    Job Search Revolution

    This is our last newsletter of the millennium so we thought it was fitting to take an in-depth look at three trends that are revolutionizing the job search.

  • Oct 1999

    Make Hiring a Priority

    In the eighteen years since Management Team Consultants, Inc. was founded, recruitment and hiring practices have changed enormously. Unfortunately, one thing that hasn't changed is senior management's lack of commitment to hiring people the right way.

  • Jan 1999

    Ethics: Another Y2K Problem

    USA Today reported that a significantly greater number of teens admit to cheating and lying now than in the past. This make the problem of dishonest candidates much worse.

  • Jan 1999

    Be Prepared for Prepared Candidates

    Traditionally, students have been able to find information about prospective employers through their school's Career Placement Office.

  • Jan 1999

    Who Can You Trust?

    Deception among job candidates, which can range from misleading statements on resumes to outright lying in interviews, is shockingly widespread.

  • Jul 1998

    The Rules are Changing

    It seems that MBA graduates are getting smarter every year - if not about mergers and derivatives, then at least about the ins and outs of interviewing.

  • Apr 1998

    The "Net Generation" Grows Up

    These days, almost everybody in business has their eye on the "Net Generation," the aptly named, computer-savvy young people born after 1978.

  • Jan 1998

    Desperately Seeking Skilled Workers

    More than ever, employers are finding that it pays to focus on skills, not ethnicity or gender. As one CEO puts it, "You simply want the best people you can get."

  • Oct 1997

    Electronic Interviewing: Press the Star Key

    With the twenty-first century just around the corner, it was probably inevitable that someone would come up with the idea of automated interviewing. Sound far-fetched? Not at all. But automated interviewing has a few major drawbacks.

  • Oct 1997

    Now You've Got Them, How to Keep Them

    You've worked hard, spent a lot of money, and beat out some pretty impressive competition to hire that young genius from Stanford. But now that you've got her, is there any guarantee she'll stay for even a year or two? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding "No."

  • Jul 1997

    Recruiting on the Internet

    Today's job candidates are turning to the Internet for a fast, easy way to find the positions they are looking for.

  • Apr 1994

    Hiring by Computer Models

    Leading business schools are now using computer models to analyze certain management issues, such as hiring decisions. By combining mathematical equations with game theory, they can model the behavior of corporate leaders whose decisions affect others in the company.

  • Jan 1994

    Software Changes Corporate Culture

    A new form of software called "groupware" may be changing corporate culture by freeing employees from the limitations of traditional hierarchies and creating new ways for people to work together.

  • Jan 1994

    Smaller Companies, Bigger Decisions

    In previous years, employers reduced and expanded staff in response to the ebb and flow of business. But that cyclic pattern of layoffs and rehiring has changed.

  • Oct 1993

    Reassessing the Obvious

    Brooks Mitchell, founder of Aspen Tree Software, has come to the conclusion that positive qualities don't always make for good employees.

  • Jul 1993

    The Challenges of Internal Hiring

    Management Team Consultants has observed that in an effort to make the best use of their most valuable resources, current employees, ­ companies are shifting their hiring focus from external to internal candidates.

  • Jul 1993

    Wanted: Transferable Skills

    As companies attempt to reengineer the way work gets done, HR professionals and managers find they must be able to evaluate transferable skills when interviewing candidates.

  • Jul 1993

    Worker Burnout:Tick, tick, tick . . Kaboom!

    The drive for better margins in a low inflation economy has forced many companies to cut staff. But as people leave, the work remains. Employees who get to keep their jobs find they have more work and fewer resources.

  • Apr 1993

    Gambling on Gerstner

    Louis Gerstner, former chairman and CEO of RJR Nabisco Holdings Corp., was chosen to take over "Big Blue." Hoping to dig out sagging stock values and failing profits, IBM board members chose Gerstner to start shoveling.

  • Jan 1993

    The Hiring Thaw

    Previously stagnant employers may be surprised by the surge of job openings, and by the nature of today's diverse workforce.

  • Oct 1992

    "We're Not Hiring!"

    Many companies today are downsizing and restructuring, and new positions are being filled with internal candidates. This so-called "inplacement" is occurring more frequently and taking on importance in many companies.

  • Jul 1992

    The BMW Message

    As product life cycles continue to shorten, the need for frequent and continual retraining of workers will increase. Moral: hire retrainable workers.

  • Apr 1992

    "My Time to Relax"

    The selection interview is one of the most demanding tasks you will face any day. If you think it's a time to relax, we suggest you look for better ways to build a break into your day.

  • Jan 1992

    HR Ratios

    T.J. Rodgers at Cypress Semiconductor stresses the importance of knowing the company's revenue per employee and using this to measure yourself against the competition.

  • Oct 1991

    Impact of the Peace Dividend

    The end of the cold war and easing of tensions between East and West means about 500,000 men and women currently in the U.S. Armed forces will be released into civilian jobs. This represents some 25% of current armed services personnel.

  • Jul 1991

    U.S. Motivation Waning

    With motivation and work commitment waning, assessment of candidates is even more critical.

  • Apr 1991

    More Ammunition for Candidates!

    Knock 'em Dead by Martin Yate joins the endless list of books for candidates on how to control, win and dominate the job interview.

  • Apr 1991

    Hiring Amidst Layoffs

    It should be easier to hire with so many layoffs occuring, right? Wrong. While whole layers of management are going out the window, a confusing trend is developing. Despite layoffs, firms are finding some jobs hard to fill.

  • Apr 1991

    Responding to Declining Productivity

    To improve quality hiring, always compare candidates to the behavorial-based job description you develop ahead of the interview.