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Mar 2009

Talent Management Disaster at AIG

What has infuriated most Americans is the $165 million in bonuses paid to the AIG executives who caused the company’s near-collapse. As I see it, AIG isn’t just a financial fiasco; it’s a talent management disaster.

Oct 2003

Tips for Increasing Employee Retention

You've worked hard, spent a lot of money, and beat out some pretty impressive competition to hire that young genius from Stanford. But now that you've got her, is there any guarantee she'll stay for even a year or two? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding "No."

Jan 2001

Interviewing Internal Candidates

The internal interview is a very different type of interview. Consider training your managers to handle this unique and potentially beneficial opportunity.

Apr 2000

Coca-Cola's Hiring Mistake

Hiring flawed candidates with the expectation that they will improve once they are on the job can be a big mistake.

Apr 2000

Candidates Prepare for Behavioral Interviews

There is another new trend among young job candidates, according to our high-tech clients. It seems that students called back for in-firm interviews now ask recruiters, "Will I be having any behavioral interviews?"

Oct 1999

Trends Revolutionizing the Job Search

This is our last newsletter of the millennium so we thought it was fitting to take an in-depth look at three trends that are revolutionizing the job search.

Oct 1999

Make Hiring a Priority

In the eighteen years since Interview Edge was founded, recruitment and hiring practices have changed enormously. Unfortunately, one thing that hasn't changed is senior management's lack of commitment to hiring people the right way.

Jan 1999

The Ethics Problem

USA Today reported that a significantly greater number of teens admit to cheating and lying now than in the past. This make the problem of dishonest candidates much worse.

Jan 1999

Be Prepared for Prepared Candidates

Traditionally, students have been able to find information about prospective employers through their school's Career Placement Office.

Jan 1999

Job Candidate Deception

Deception among job candidates, which can range from misleading statements on resumes to outright lying in interviews, is shockingly widespread.

Apr 1998

The Net Generation Grows Up

These days, almost everybody in business has their eye on the "Net Generation," the aptly named, computer-savvy young people born after 1978.

Jan 1998

Desperately Seeking Skilled Workers

More than ever, employers are finding that it pays to focus on skills, not ethnicity or gender. As one CEO puts it, "You simply want the best people you can get."

Apr 1994

Hiring by Computer Models

Leading business schools are now using computer models to analyze certain management issues, such as hiring decisions. By combining mathematical equations with game theory, they can model the behavior of corporate leaders whose decisions affect others in the company.

Jan 1994

Software Changes Corporate Culture

A new form of software called "groupware" may be changing corporate culture by freeing employees from the limitations of traditional hierarchies and creating new ways for people to work together.

Jan 1994

Hiring Managers Make Every Decision Count

In previous years, hiring managers reduced and expanded staff in response to the ebb and flow of business. But that cyclic pattern of layoffs and rehiring has changed.

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