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We have been publishing articles for over 30 years to address the myriad of issues that interviewers encounter in the process of hiring top talent. Our library of articles is available below for your review.

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  • Jan 2015

    A Case for Attorney Interviewing Training

    Behavioral interviewing training helps attorney interviewers interpret the “how and why” behind a candidate’s answers to their questions. This equips them to predict future performance in those selected to join the firm. Read more articles on the attorney hiring process at Interviewing Training for Lawyers.

  • Apr 1998

    Negligent Hiring: Hire at Your Own Risk

    The recent epidemic of work-place issues from harassment to violence has spawned a whole new kind of litigation - criminal prosecution aimed not just at offenders, but at the people who hire them in the first place.

  • Jan 1996

    What Ever Happened to Common Sense?

    Unfortunately, the advice some attorneys give their corporate clients may make it impossible for managers to realistically assess any prospect, and for any candidate to get a fair hearing.

  • Jul 1995

    Computer Snoops Find "Delete" Doesn't = Gone

    "Computer snoops" retrieve "deleted" information - some of it presumably erased years ago - from hard drives.

  • Apr 1995

    Hassle Arrests

    A "Hassle arrest" is an unwarranted police harassment that never leads to a conviction. This is a fact of life in minority communities and one of the reasons why it is illegal to ask job applicants about their arrest records.

  • Jan 1994

    Should I Ask It?

    Here is a quick check you can use on your favorite interview questions to make sure they are legal. There are three criteria to consider when deciding whether or not to ask a question in an interview.

  • Oct 1993

    Empty Promises...Empty Pockets?

    Employees have gained new legal ground in holding recruiters to promises made during the interview. "Under-promise, over-deliver" seems to be the message to recruiters from recent lawsuits.

  • Jul 1992

    Interviewing and the ADA

    8 answers to common questions about the American Disabilities Act, a comprehensive piece of legislation designed to protect 43 million American against discrimination in the hiring process.

  • Jul 1992

    Looks and the Law

    Santa Cruz, California is the first, and only, town in America to pass a law forbidding discrimination in employment practices based on appearance.

  • Jul 1992

    ADA: Legal Questions

    With the ADA becoming effective this month, most interviewers will be concerned about the legality of some common interviewing questions. Follow these guideline to keep your interviews legal.

  • Jul 1992

    ADA: Reasonable Accommodations

    Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the requirement for "reasonable accommodations" in the workplace for persons with disabilities.

  • Jul 1992

    ADA: Essential Functions

    Although the Americans with Disabilities Act repeatedly refers to "essential functions" of a job, nowhere does the Act actually define "essential functions." The ambiguity of language may be a problem when employers write job descriptions.

  • Jan 1992

    Private Lives, Public Laws

    The California Court of Appeals ruled in favor of an applicant at Target Stores saying questions about his religious and sexual preferences invaded his privacy.

  • Jan 1992

    Managing Microinequities

    The following remarks about treatment of women in the workplace were recently delivered at a luncheon speech in San Francisco by Francis Conley, Professor of Surgery at Stanford University.

  • Jan 1992

    Civil Rights Act of 1991

    The Civil Rights Act of 1991 elevates senior management interest in the way interviews are conducted in their companies.

  • Oct 1991

    It Can Be Illegal To Be Polite

    With the advent of the ADA, interviewers must not ignore obvious physical disabilities. Instead, they must explore with the candidate how their disability can be accommodated on the job.

  • Apr 1991

    Discrimination "Detectives"

    Imagine civil rights groups using testers posing as job applicants to combat employment discrimination. That's just what the EEOC is requesting.