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We provide competency-based behavioral interviewing training for interview teams including hiring managers, recruiters, and interviewers. We have been publishing articles for over 40 years to address the myriad of issues encountered in the process of hiring top talent.

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  • Oct 1994

    More Crazy Interview Questions

    At the start of each recruiting season, we publish some of the surprising questions we discover are still being used by interviewers.

  • Jan 1993

    Double Bind on Campus

    Now more than ever, recruiters must be educated before they arrive on-campus. Such training should include techniques for understanding and responding to the growing diversity among students.

  • Oct 1992

    How's This for Quick Response

    On-campus interviews provide a great opportunity for companies to make an impression on soon-to-be graduates entering the workforce.

  • Apr 1992

    Initiative ­- Who Has It?

    Most college recruiters search for some evidence of initiative in candidates. If you don't find examples, could you say the person lacks initiative?

  • Jan 1992

    Interviewing - For Better or Worse

    In a seminar for a company's college recruiters, our client introduced our Effective Interviewing!® training by quoting research from the College Placement Council on student attitudes about interviewing.