Selecting the right people
is one of the most important
decisions you'll ever make.


Effective Interviewing!® provides powerful and proven interview training to give hiring managers, recruiters, and interviewers the ability to make the right hiring decisions - and avoid costly mistakes. We offer competency-based behavioral interview training, using the recognized principle that past and present behavior is the best predictor of future performance.

Whether you're an experienced or novice interviewer, you will benefit from these techniques and will be able to use them immediately in your next interview. The result? You'll have better interviewing skills which lead to better hires and a competitive edge for your company.

Our experienced trainers are available to deliver Effective Interviewing!® training in one-day, half-day, or shorter formats at your location or as a webinar.


  • High Impact Interviews

    Learn the Interview Funnel™ model based on four questions to get an in-depth assessment of any candidate.

  • Enhanced Job Profiles

    Draw on a library of forty-eight competencies or incorporate your own to identify consistent benchmarks that determine job success.

  • Easy Legal Guidelines

    Apply three simple criteria learned in Effective Interviewing!® to keep your interviews legal.

  • Smart Hiring Decisions

    Learn how to make the best hiring decision using a systematic and objective process.


Hirepath Online Interview Tools

HirePath® Online Interview Tools

Reinforce your application of these skills after the seminar with
one-year access to the HirePath® Online Interview Tools.

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In this highly interactive training, you will practice the interview techniques learned while receiving immediate feedback as well as view a live interview demonstration. See the interview training agenda below.


  • Interviewing Concepts

    Identify behavioral competencies and learn to conduct selection interviews using behavioral competency interviewing.

  • Defining the Job and Candidate

    Use a library of forty-eight competencies to develop a specific Job/Candidate Profile that focuses on essential functions and the organizational culture of your company.

  • Interview Procedures

    Relax the candidate and keep your questions legal. Practice taking notes and listening for evidence of competencies while the instructor conducts an interview to demonstrate the interview model.

  • Interview Questions

    Assess competencies in candidates using a variety of questioning techniques, and develop your own set of questions. Apply what has been learned by participating in role playing while receiving feedback. Hundreds of examples of probing questions are provided.

  • Making the Decision

    Code your notes and create an Evaluation Balance Sheet that equips you with information to make the right hiring decision based on the candidate's fit with a Job/Candidate Profile.


These optional modules can be included in
Effective Interviewing!® or Advanced Effective Interviewing!®

Reduce Unconscious Bias in Interviews

Reduce Unconscious Bias

Expand hiring of diverse and global talent by reducing bias in your interviews.

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Improve Virtual Interviews

Improve Virtual Interviews

Learn best practices for remote interviews to ensure your organization's success.

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Selling to the Candidate

Selling to Today's Candidates

Compete for talent in a competitive market by enhancing your ability to sell the candidate.

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Certify your trainers to deliver Effective Interviewing!® to internalize the seminar and reduce costs for training a large number of people within your organization.

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