Inclusive interviewing
means expanding your
comfort zone.


Reduce Unconscious Bias is an add-on module that provides techniques to evaluate and hire an increasingly diverse and global workforce as part of your recruitment strategy. As interviewers incorporate and apply inclusive interviewing they recognize their own cultural filters and unconscious biases, and learn to assess each candidate for their unique skills and talents. This optional 15 to 60-minute module can be added to reinforce an objective hiring process in Effective Interviewing!® or Advanced Effective Interviewing!®.

Dimensions Of Diversity

How to Interview for Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Steps to Inclusive Interviewing

  • Challenge your assumptions.
  • Recognize biases.
  • Acquire cultural knowledge.
  • Expand comfort zone.
  • Utilize diverse interview teams.
  • Implement objective hiring process.


Hirepath Online Interview Tools

HirePath® Online Interview Tools

Reinforce your application of these skills after the seminar with
one-year access to the HirePath® Online Interview Tools.

Summary Of

  • Review importance of valuing diversity within your organization.

  • Move beyond the first impressions of a candidate.

  • Identify the various types of unconscious biases.

  • Recognize the impact of assumptions and stereotypes in the interview.

  • Shift from traditional interviewing to inclusive interviewing.

  • Expand your comfort zone when faced with differences in others.

  • Review steps to reduce your unconscious biases in the interview.

  • Identify key competencies for building an inclusive organizational culture.

  • Learn how to evaluate a candidate's ability to work in a diverse environment.

  • Strategize how to address biases in your organization's interview process.


These optional modules can be included in
Effective Interviewing!® or Advanced Effective Interviewing!®

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