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Interview Training

Advanced Effective Interviewing!®

Advanced Effective Interviewing!® is customized for your organization to enhance and reinforce the skills learned in instructor-led Effective Interviewing!® or Effective Interviewing!® online training. This seminar delivers a practical way to embed the process with key interviewers within your organization. It also provides an effective follow-up to online training with an opportunity for additional discussion and practice.

Options for advanced interviewing training seminar
Advanced interviewing techniques prerequisite courses
  • Review key concepts and techniques, and reinforce skills with more hands-on practice.

  • Focus on specific situations, such as enhancing technical with behavioral interviews, phone and digital interviews, or selling the job opportunity.

  • Handle challenging interview situations, such as the overly prepared or inauthentic candidate.

  • Apply advanced interview techniques to improve your phone screens and reference checks.

  • Sell your company and job opportunity to the desired candidate.

  • Optimize your use of HirePath® Online Tools to create custom job profiles, generate interview guides, and evaluate candidates.

  • Master advanced interview techniques through role-play with immediate instructor-feedback or video reviews.

This advanced interviewing seminar is available in half-day or shorter formats delivered onsite at your location.

Interactive format provides advanced interviewing techniques

Highly Interactive Format

Practice the new interview techniques while receiving immediate feedback and view a live demonstration.

Training support for advanced interview techniques

Continuous Training Support

Reinforce your application of these skills after the seminar with one-year access to the HirePath Online Interview Tools.

"I now have a much better idea how to conduct a deeper interview, and the importance of selling the job to the candidate."

- Engineering Manager, MAHLE Industries, Inc.

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