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We provide competency-based behavioral interviewing training for interview teams including hiring managers, recruiters, and interviewers. We have been publishing articles for over 35 years to address the myriad of issues encountered in the process of hiring top talent.

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  • Feb 2021

    Conducting Effective Performance Reviews Virtually

    Interview questions from our Effective Interviewing!® training can make the performance evaluation process more constructive and effective. And these questions are especially helpful for virtual performance reviews.

  • May 2020

    Virtual Interviews: The New Benchmark

    The option of hiring virtually, rather than through typical in-person interviews, has graduated overnight from a technological convenience to the new norm. Companies that hope to succeed in a virtual setting must rapidly adopt new best practices.

  • Feb 2020

    Overcome Unconscious Bias in Job Interviews

    By having the right interview techniques in place, you can overcome unconscious bias in hiring decisions and the workplace, and build an even more successful company.

  • Sep 2019

    Behavioral Interviewing Training Reinvented

    Can a successful, but static business practice gradually lose its effectiveness? In the case of behavioral interview training, a technique that predicts-on-the-job performance far more accurately than other interview training methods, the answer is yes.

  • Jun 2019

    How to Interview Sales Candidates

    Sales candidates often excel at selling themselves, but that doesn't mean they can successfully sell on behalf of your company. Competency-based behavioral interviewing is an important skill every sales manager should master to ensure they hire the right candidate.

  • Jan 2019

    Tech Hiring Fails Without Behavioral Assessment

    Global giants like McDonald's and BMW once seemed invincible. But now, under increasing pressure to stay relevant and ward off competition in the digital age, legacy brands are looking to Silicon Valley for inspiration. As Atif Rafiq, McDonald's former chief technology officer, said in a recent interview, “We think, ‘How would Google do this? How would Amazon do this?’ ”

  • Jan 2019

    A Case for Attorney Interviewing Training

    Behavioral interviewing training helps attorney interviewers interpret the “how and why” behind a candidate’s answers to their questions. This equips them to predict future performance in those selected to join the firm. Read more articles on the attorney hiring process at Interviewing Training for Lawyers.

  • Nov 2018

    Questioning Panel Interviews

    Replacing the traditional panel interview with an effective team interview has a lot of advantages.

  • Jul 2018

    Fallacy of "Give Me an Example" Questions

    If you want to get at the truth about a candidate – any candidate – we caution you against relying on “give me an example” questions.

  • Mar 2018

    Real Cost of Hiring Mistakes

    Some costs of a bad hire are obvious, such as the time and personnel needed to recruit, interview, coach, mentor and develop a replacement. But hidden costs, which don't show up on your profit-and-loss statement, can be far more damaging in the long run.

  • Jan 2018

    The Flawed Interview Process

    Graduate students are spending too much time learning how to take an interview but rarely learn how to conduct one. Look at the problems this presents once those students enter the workforce.

  • Jan 2018

    Building Relationships with Candidates

    More and more organizations are building sustainable relationships with target customers. In this talent-scarce market, we think they should also build the same kind of relationships with candidates.

  • Dec 2017

    Competency-based Behavioral Interviewing Training

    Competency-based behavioral interviewing training is based on the idea that candidates' past and present behavior is the best predictor of how they will behave in the future.

  • Oct 2017

    Early Social Competencies Lead to Success

    A joint project of researchers at Duke and Penn State found that kids who showed specific social competency traits in kindergarten were four times more likely to graduate college and have a full-time job by age 25.

  • Jun 2017

    Google Research Validates Behavioral Interviewing

    In a wide-ranging interview that appeared in The New York Times, Lazlo Bock, Google’s former Senior Vice President for People Operations, praised behavioral interviewing, panned brainteaser questions, and noted that academic accomplishments don't always translate into success.

  • Dec 2016

    Effectively Interviewing New College Graduates

    Hiring new college graduates requires some recalibrating of the interview process. Here are some questions to draw upon in your next interview.

  • Sep 2016

    Why Stress Interviews Don't Work

    There is absolutely no evidence that the ability to deal with a stressful interview situation is an accurate predictor of the ability to deal with job stress. In fact, the opposite may be true.

  • Jan 2016

    Competency Interviewing Narrows Skill Gap

    Some argue there are currently plenty of qualified individuals in the workforce and that employers routinely overlook top candidates and artificially create a skills gap.

  • Dec 2015

    Sell the Job with Three Paychecks

    Encourage employees to think twice about changing jobs to correct just one paycheck.

  • Sep 2015

    Pitfalls of Competencies in Behavioral Interviews

    Selecting competencies as part of the hiring process can be a problem for hiring managers and interview teams who jump on the "competencies bandwagon" too quickly.

  • Jun 2015

    Increase Team Performance By 40%

    If you don't think a single lazy or incompetent employee can damage an entire organization, think again. Research conducted at several major universities shows that adding just one "bad apple" to a group can drive down performance by 30 to 40 percent.

  • Mar 2015

    NCHRA:Does Behavior-based Interviewing Still Work?

    Behavior-based interviewing that relies on give me an example questions is in jeopardy. A number of factors including ongoing talent shortage, increasing diversity, savvy candidates, and declining authenticity threaten the continued effectiveness of this form of interviewing.

  • Jan 2015

    Why Bizarre Interview Questions Go Viral

    Brainteaser questions have little value in predicting future performance. In the long run, they may actually discourage top candidates from accepting an offer—the opposite of their intended purpose.

  • Dec 2014

    Training Magazine: Invented Lives

    Do you ask job candidates to describe real situations they've faced and problems they've solved? Good idea. But what if the stories they'are telling are bogus?

  • Oct 2014

    SHRM: Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process

    After interviewing the interview expert Jim Kennedy, Michelle Martinez explores how to eliminate hidden interviewer bias and make better hiring decisions.

  • Jul 2014

    How Bad Interviews Impact Hiring Results

    An interviewer can profoundly affect top candidates decisions to join or not to join a company.

  • Mar 2014

    Top Business Leaders Hire for Competencies

    A growing number of top business leaders are endorsing hiring practices similar to our Effective Interviewing!® techniques, which emphasize behavioral qualities over conventional accomplishments.

  • Dec 2013

    Getting Beyond the Resume to Predict Success

    Shift focus away from resumes and credentials and learn more about how and why a recent graduate excelled in their studies and relevant activities.

  • Mar 2013

    How To Interview and Hire Engineers

    What separates top performers from average performers in engineering jobs?

  • Jul 2012

    Interviewer Training Addresses These Challenges

    Here are two of the most commonly cited problems interviewers face and some solutions provided in our interview training.

  • Mar 2012

    Three Questions to Keep Your Interviews Legal

    Here is a quick check you can use on your favorite interview questions to make sure they are legal. There are three criteria to consider when deciding whether or not to ask a question in an interview.

  • Jan 2012

    Oddball Interview Questions: All Risk, No Reward?

    A huge surplus of talented workers and the growing recognition that standard interviewer training techniques don't work very well appears to be spurring the oddball question movement. But do these questions actually achieve what they're supposed to?

  • Aug 2011

    Overcoming First Impressions in an Interview

    Your initial reactions to a candidate can be powerful and persuasive, but they can also be spectacularly wrong. Find out how to avoid the pitfalls of snap judgments in an interview and hire effectively.

  • Jun 2011

    Expand Your Cultural Comfort Zone in the Interview

    Have you ever been in an interview situation where you experienced discomfort with the candidate because of some difference between the two of you? We teach individuals to recognize this feeling and how to expand their cultural comfort zone in order to reduce bias in the interview.

  • Jan 2011

    Assessing Skills in the Technical Interview

    Here are just three of the several approaches used by technical experts at our client companies to assess technical competence.

  • Jun 2010

    Interviewing Millennials Entering the Workforce

    Many employers struggle to adapt to the Millennial generation – which comprise the fastest growing segment of the workforce. Getting to know Millennials better can help you prepare for them in the interview and in the workplace.

  • Dec 2009

    When Bad Things Happen to Good Questions

    You're interviewing a candidate who has just moved here from the East Coast. It seems natural enough to ask about the move, but instead of just breaking the ice, your question unleashes a flood of personal information. What do you do?

  • Sep 2009

    YouTube Impacts Behavioral Interviewing

    There's been exponential growth in interview coaching services—from outplacement firms to the Internet and now to YouTube.

  • Jan 2009

    Skeptical of the Candidate? Try Three Questions

    Suppose you're interviewing a great candidate: top school, top of the class, top references. But suddenly something is said that sets off a few alarm bells, something that seems a little over the top, even for a wunderkind. What do you do now?