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Jan 2024

Interview Training for Hiring Managers

With interview training for hiring managers, your organization increases the odds that the next amazing candidate who walks through your door ends up on your team instead of working for the competition.

Jan 2023

Behavioral Interviewing Training Reinvented

Can a successful, but static business practice gradually lose its effectiveness? In the case of behavioral interview training, a technique that predicts-on-the-job performance far more accurately than other interview training methods, the answer is yes.

Jun 2022

Hiring Successful Leaders for a Hybrid World

Before interviewing candidates for today’s hybrid environment, companies need to reassess their leadership profiles to identify any new or existing competencies needed in future hires.

Feb 2022

Are Bad Interviews Costing You Good Hires?

Given that competition for talent will remain high, to make successful new hires, organizations need to ensure that interviewers do more than just assess candidate qualifications. They also need to know how to assess candidate fit and potential, create a good candidate experience, and sell to candidates.

Jul 2020

Virtual Interviews: The New Benchmark

The option of hiring virtually, rather than through typical in-person interviews, has graduated overnight from a technological convenience to the new norm. Companies that hope to succeed in a virtual setting must rapidly adopt new best practices.

Mar 2020

Overcome Unconscious Bias in Job Interviews

By having the right interview techniques in place, you can overcome unconscious bias in hiring decisions and the workplace, and build an even more successful company.

Jan 2020

How to Interview Sales Candidates

Sales candidates often excel at selling themselves, but that doesn't mean they can successfully sell on behalf of your company. Competency-based behavioral interviewing is an important skill every sales manager should master to ensure they hire the right candidate.

Jul 2019

Tech Hiring Fails Without Behavioral Assessment

Global giants like McDonald's and BMW once seemed invincible. But now, under increasing pressure to stay relevant and ward off competition in the digital age, legacy brands are looking to Silicon Valley for inspiration. As Atif Rafiq, McDonald's former chief technology officer, said in a recent interview, “We think, ‘How would Google do this? How would Amazon do this?’ ”

Jun 2019

Building Relationships with Candidates

More and more organizations are building sustainable relationships with target customers. In this talent-scarce market, we think they should also build the same kind of relationships with candidates.

Mar 2019

Improving the Flawed Interview Process

Graduate students are spending too much time learning how to take an interview but rarely learn how to conduct one. Look at the problems this presents once those students enter the workforce.

Dec 2018

Real Cost of Hiring Mistakes

Some costs of a bad hire are obvious, such as the time and personnel needed to recruit, interview, coach, mentor and develop a replacement. But hidden costs, which don't show up on your profit-and-loss statement, can be far more damaging in the long run.

Oct 2018

Early Social Competencies Lead to Success

A joint project of researchers at Duke and Penn State found that kids who showed specific social competency traits in kindergarten were four times more likely to graduate college and have a full-time job by age 25.

Sep 2018

Why Stress Interviews Don't Work

There is absolutely no evidence that the ability to deal with a stressful interview situation is an accurate predictor of the ability to deal with job stress. In fact, the opposite may be true.

Jun 2017

Google Validates Behavioral Interviewing Training

In a wide-ranging interview that appeared in The New York Times, Lazlo Bock, Google’s former Senior Vice President for People Operations, praised behavioral interviewing, panned brainteaser questions, and noted that academic accomplishments don't always translate into success.

May 2017

Increase Team Performance By 40%

If you don't think a single lazy or incompetent employee can damage an entire organization, think again. Research conducted at several major universities shows that adding just one "bad apple" to a group can drive down performance by 30 to 40 percent.

Jan 2016

Competency Interviewing Narrows Skill Gap

Some argue there are currently plenty of qualified individuals in the workforce and that employers routinely overlook top candidates and artificially create a skills gap.

May 2015

Three Questions to Keep Your Interviews Legal

Here is a quick check you can use on your favorite interview questions to make sure they are legal. There are three criteria to consider when deciding whether or not to ask a question in an interview.

Mar 2015

NCHRA:Does Behavior-based Interviewing Still Work?

Behavior-based interviewing that relies on give me an example questions is in jeopardy. A number of factors including ongoing talent shortage, increasing diversity, savvy candidates, and declining authenticity threaten the continued effectiveness of this form of interviewing.

Jan 2015

Why Bizarre Interview Questions Go Viral

Brainteaser questions have little value in predicting future performance. In the long run, they may actually discourage top candidates from accepting an offer—the opposite of their intended purpose.

Dec 2014

Training Magazine: Invented Lives

Do you ask job candidates to describe real situations they've faced and problems they've solved? Good idea. But what if the stories they'are telling are bogus?

Feb 2014

Expand Your Cultural Comfort Zone in the Interview

Have you ever been in an interview situation where you experienced discomfort with the candidate because of some difference between the two of you? We teach individuals to recognize this feeling and how to expand their cultural comfort zone in order to reduce bias in the interview.

Jan 2014

Skeptical of the Candidate? Try Three Questions

Suppose you're interviewing a great candidate: top school, top of the class, top references. But suddenly something is said that sets off a few alarm bells, something that seems a little over the top, even for a wunderkind. What do you do now?

Jan 2013

Overcoming First Impressions in an Interview

Your initial reactions to a candidate can be powerful and persuasive, but they can also be spectacularly wrong. Find out how to avoid the pitfalls of snap judgments in an interview and hire effectively.

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Oct 1997

Welcome to HirePath® Online Interview Tools

Introducing HirePath® online interview tools: a unique concept designed for subscribers to access online interviewing tools that help them update their interviewing skills quickly and easily.

Oct 1997

Meet the Integrity Check

The Integrity Check Interview, developed by UCLA psychiatrist Mark Goulston, is based on the idea that it requires real concentration to tell a good lie.

Jul 1997

Competency Cards

Once again, necessity proves to be the mother of invention. In this case, one of our clients wanted our menu of behavioral competencies on forty-eight separate cards. They thought – and they were right! – that this would help their employment group and department managers reach a quick and clear consensus about what qualities an ideal candidate should have.

Jul 1997

Diversity Competition Will Heat Up

A little over a year ago, voters in California and the Texas courts struck down affirmative action programs in their state university systems. The impact on the pool of diverse candidates was disastrous and swift.

Jul 1997

Competing with Microsoft for Talent

It may not be the most ethical way to compete for prospective employees, but Silicon Graphics' approach is certainly creative. They use their Web site(sgi.com/staffing/University/Career Resource/sample questions.html) to post the standard interview questions used by their larger competitors like Microsoft and Intel, along with the appropriate answers.

Jul 1997

Detecting the Con Artist in the Interview

We recently had an experience that proves the importance of checking a candidate's references. We learned the hard way that even the most experienced interviewers - in this case, us - can almost be taken in by an expert and determined liar.

Jul 1997

Assessing a Quick Study in the Interview

In a fast-paced, technology-driven workplace, it's not enough for employees to know their stuff. They also have to be quick learners who can easily assimilate new information and then use it in fresh and unexpected ways.

Jan 1997

CEO Feedback on Effective Interviewing!®

Executive watchers were shocked to learn that Alex Mandl, president of AT&T and heir apparent to the CEO job was leaving to join a tiny technology firm. He's the number two guy at a $50 billion company who is essentially moving to a start-up with no customers.

Jan 1997

Pushing Back on Canned Answers in the Interview

According to an article in the New York Times, job gurus advise their clients to avoid revealing anything unflattering or personal. The result? Thousands of executives now approach interviews armed with an arsenal of slick, self-serving responses.

Jan 1997

Spiro Agnew: A Really Bad Hire

It's said that if you can remember the 1960s, you weren't there. Probably no one better proves the truth of this adage than Spiro Agnew, one of the most forgettable characters in the corrupt Nixon administration.

Jan 1997

Revving Up for the Talent Shortage

The shortage of engineers and developers is forcing companies to woo workers with the kind of extravagant promises usually reserved for professional athletes.

Jun 1996

Waiving Liability for Employee References

A recent court decision (Cox v. Nasche, et al.) limits the risk of defamation suits when an employee signs an information release waiving liability against the provider of information about his or her employment. We recommend that employers use these releases.

Jan 1996

Executive Recruiting - How To Spot A Falling Star

Former Kodak CEO Christopher Steffen is a prime example of what can happen when management focuses exclusively on the contributions a strong candidate can make and ignores that candidate's inevitable limitations. We believe that in evaluating any candidate - no matter how desirable or dazzling - it is essential to consider limitations as well as strengths.

Jan 1996

Detecting Derailers in the Interview

In our ever-optimistic American culture, the emphasis is usually on the positive. It's no wonder, then, that most hiring decisions focus on a candidate's strengths. But as several articles in this issue show, it's imperative also to consider limitations - things that can really derail someone on the job.

Jan 1996

Keeping Your Interviews Legal

Unfortunately, the advice some attorneys give their corporate clients may make it impossible for managers to realistically assess any prospect, and for any candidate to get a fair hearing.

Jan 1996

Savvy MBAs Ace Behavioral Interviews

These days, future MBAs learn more in the classroom than accounting and marketing. Many prestigious business schools now offer courses in behavioral interviewing, career planning, and networking as part of their regular curricula.

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