Conducting interviews
is a career-long skill and not
a one-time event.

HirePath® Online
Interview Tools

HirePath® Online Interview Tools are included with Effective Interviewing!® or Effective Interviewing!® eLearning to support the talent acquisition process.

With these easy-to-use interview tools, interviewers can quickly create competency-based Job Profiles; generate custom Interview Guides; and summarize the hiring decision based on assessed competencies on candidate Evaluation Forms.


Job Profiles
Access Job Profiles from the existing job bank or create profiles from a competency-based form.

Snapshot of Job Profiles


Interview Guides
Generate Interview Guides based on job profiles and customize questions from an extensive database.

Snapshot of Interview Guides


Candidate Evaluations
Evaluate candidates by quickly summarizing their strengths and limitations using competency-based Balance Sheets.

Snapshot of Candidate Evaluations


Training Refresher
Reinforce key interview skills learned in Effective Interviewing!® with video examples of the Interview Funnel™ model and highlights of the training.

Snapshot of Training Refresher

How to Get HirePath® Online Tools

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