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Effective Interviewing!® eLearning is a two-hour behavioral interviewing course completed at your own pace. This online interview training provides a complete process to identify required competencies for any position, ask in-depth interview questions by applying the Interview Funnel™ model, and make confident and accurate hiring decisions. This just-in-time training approach allows busy managers and professionals to access interview skills training wherever they work.

HirePath® Interview Tools are included in this online interview training to reinforce newly acquired behavioral interviewing skills.

Topics covered in online interview skills training

Section I – Before the Interview

  • Understand competency-based interviewing.
  • Apply behavioral competencies.
  • Determine job specific competencies.
  • Develop a Job/Candidate Profile.
  • Keep your interviews legal.

Section II – During the Interview

  • Utilize open-ended questions.
  • Optimize your Interview opening.
  • Apply Interview Funnel™ Model:
    • Topic-opener Questions
    • Accomplishment Questions
    • Self-appraisal Questions
    • Direct Competency Probes
  • Close the interview.
  • Review an interview example.

Section III – After the Interview

  • Use a candidate Evaluation Balance Sheet.
  • Apply key criteria to make final decision.
  • Reach consensus with an interview team.

Our Effective Interviewing!® eLearning
is available for 10 or more participants.

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Reinforcement of online interview skills training

Reinforcement of Online Interview Skills Training

Hybrid Learning
Enhance the self-paced Effective Interviewing!® eLearning with the live follow-up Advanced Effective Interviewing!® practice session.

Coaching Certification
Certify internal coaches to facilitate the follow-up Advanced Effective Interviewing!® practice session.

Online Interview Training Benefits

Online Learning Costs Less


Online learning costs less than a traditional in-person seminar.

Learn Interview Skills on Your Own Time


Learn interview skills when you want and at your own pace.

Interactive Training Exercises


Interview skills training exercises engage you and keep your interest.

Audio and Video Examples


Audio and video examples demonstrate what is taught.

Illustrations Elaborate the Concepts


Illustrations elaborate the concepts in an entertaining fashion.

Intuitive and Easy to Learn


Concepts are explained in a straight forward and easy-to-learn manner.

Continually Apply What You Learned


Allows you to continually apply what you learned with online interview tools.

Learner Accountability with Final Quiz


Completion certificate and final quiz score are viewed by your administrator.

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