Selling the opportunity to top candidates means having the right message.

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Selling to Today's Candidates

Selling to Today's Candidate is an add-on module to improve your ability to recruit and hire top talent in a competitive market. Selling the right candidate on a job opportunity requires the same level of planning and focus as the interview. The successful application of candidate-focused selling techniques requires understanding a candidate's values and motivation. This optional 15 to 60-minute module can be added to Effective Interviewing!® or Advanced Effective Interviewing!®

Diagram on how to recruit talent by selling the value of three paychecks

Three Paychecks

To convince the right candidate to join your organization, consider relating potential opportunities to the “Three Paycheck Formula.” Try to use all three paychecks, and if you can't compete on one, then emphasize the other two paychecks.

Interactive format to help recruit top talent

Highly Interactive Format

Practice the new interview techniques while receiving immediate feedback and view a live demonstration.

Training support to help recruit the best talent

Continuous Training Support

Reinforce your application of these skills after the seminar with one-year access to the HirePath® Online Interview Tools.

This module can be added to Effective Interviewing!® or Advanced Effective Interviewing!®

Summary of
Selling to Today's Candidate

  1. Apply the principles of effective selling.
  2. Sell the benefits of your organization to the candidate.
  3. Develop personalized selling messages.
  4. Use probing questions to discover the candidate's motivation.
  5. Identify selling opportunities.
  6. Discover and sell to the candidate's competencies.
  7. Overcome objections and concerns from the candidate.
  8. Address any negatives in a positive way.
  9. Convince the skeptical candidate.
  10. Develop a strategy with your interview team.

"I found the process of using a candidate’s answers to develop new selling questions and identify motivational hot buttons very useful."

- Vice President, Morgan Stanley

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