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We have been publishing articles for over 30 years to address the myriad of issues that interviewers encounter in the process of hiring top talent. Our library of articles is available below for your review.

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  • Feb 2017

    Questioning Panel Interviews

    Replacing the traditional panel interview with an effective team interview has a lot of advantages.

  • Sep 2007

    Doing 20% of the Job

    Imagine what would happen if corporate methods of assessing candidates were adopted by Olympic judges.

  • Jan 2007

    Addressing the Job Search Marathon

    Selecting the right candidate takes time, but if it’s too drawn out, an organization risks losing qualified applicants.

  • Apr 2000

    Team Discussion Fiascos

    If you think you've experienced some bad meetings, consider the unorganized discussions of candidates that can sometimes take place at the end of an interview schedule.

  • Jul 1997

    A Quick Study?

    In a fast-paced, technology-driven workplace, it's not enough for employees to know their stuff. They also have to be quick learners who can easily assimilate new information and then use it in fresh and unexpected ways.

  • Jan 1996

    Competency Chasers

    We believe in interviewing the old-fashioned way. Each interviewer learns as much as possible about every candidate. All interviewers elicit a wide range of competencies that reveal strengths and limitations, and they look for repeated patterns of both.

  • Apr 1991

    Empowering Team Interviewers

    A sign we see in the maturity of a work team once it is trained in interviewing skills is a willingness to delegate the selection process to some members of the team and not require that a prospective candidate be interviewed by every single member.