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Even More Crazy Interview Questions

In past issues we listed unusual interviewing experiences shared by managers who attended our seminars. Similarly, we also hear about unusual experiences from job candidates. Here are some examples of "wrong" questions to ask:

1. A question where you can't possibly give a correct answer: A candidate was asked to name her five best qualities. After providing these, the interviewer said, "You didn't name 'honest', does that mean you aren't honest?"

2. A "no-win" continuum question: "Are you brilliant/lazy or hardworking/stupid?"

3. Bad Cop/Bad Cop team interview: A Student answered a question from interviewer #1. Interviewer #2 then asked #1, "Is that the answer you wanted?" Interviewer #1 said, "No, but it doesn't really matter, let's go on."

4. Don't do as I say: One candidate, after hearing the same questions all day, was told in the last interview that he "was giving canned answers."

Are you asking the "right" interview questions? Is it time for a review?

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