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Improving On-campus Interviews

According to the Wall Street Journal, some students show up an hour before the interview to quiz their just-interviewed friends on the recruiter's techniques. Many campus interviewers use the same questions all day long. By learning in advance how the interview will be conducted, savvy students gain a definite advantage over other students seeking the same job.

It is possible to conduct fair interviews without becoming vulnerable to the campus grapevine. The best way for a campus recruiter to approach students is to look at each as a unique individual.

It is acceptable to ask a few specific questions, but they should be tailored to each candidate. For example, to distinguish independence versus a team player attitude, ask the candidate who is on the basketball team to give examples of asserting independence in a team environment. The biology major may be asked about preference for conducting research alone or in a team.

Either question probes the same qualities, but is less likely to appear applicable to other applicants. When recruiters vary their styles, they get away from cookie-cutter interviews, and retain control and respect during the recruitment process.

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