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Introducing the Interview Edge® Newsletter

Why a newsletter on interviewing?

Interviewing is a critical skill for all managers and professionals because the most highly leveraged competitive factor in business today is the quality of a company's talent. HR and executive search professionals respect the power of an effective interview. And productive managers realize skillful hiring of others is one of the few areas in business where exceptional performance can help organizations outpace their competition without spending any more money to do so.

In addition, today's candidates are savvy. Most tap into a variety of sources before you ever interview them, ranging from outplacement firms to college placement offices to dozens of books to help them prepare for any interview. We think it's time to start balancing this by sharing insights with interviewers, including advice to convince scarce talent to join your company.

Between our staff and clients, we know about interviewing. Our goal with this newsletter is to share this knowledge and help keep you sharply focused for a critical management activity. Every item in the newsletter will have a connection to the interview. In addition, you will find that some of our techniques can be used with customers, co-workers and vendors.

This newsletter is aimed at busy managers and professionals. You can probably read this entire newsletter (8-10 articles) in less than 15 minutes. If you spend one hour a year you will read all our quarterly issues. That is probably less time than you will spend on your next interview.

We intend to give you the interviewer's edge.

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