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The BMW Message

Newsletter • volume 1 • number 5

As product life cycles continue to shorten, the need for frequent and continual retraining of workers will increase. Moral: hire retrainable workers. That is the lesson for interviewers in BMW's announcement that its first facility outside Germany will be in South Carolina. The selection of South Carolina out of 250 sites worldwide was made in part because of a highly-trained local workforce.

BMW is focusing on the need for employees who can be continually retrained due to shorter product life cycles. This trend is even more marked outside the automobile industry. Ten years ago, the average product life cycle was four years; today it is two.

When interviewers list candidate requirements, they will be well served if that list includes qualities like "bright", "quick study" and "flexible." Hire people who can learn quickly and continuously­the need will accelerate in the future.