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  • Apr 2000

    Interview References: Conspiracy of Silence

    Corporate America has its own "conspiracy of silence" when it comes to high-level executives who leave their firms under less than favorable circumstances. Learn techniques for getting a more thorough review of a candidate's past behavior.

  • Jan 1999

    Good News for Reference Checking

    Hawaii became the thirty-second state to enact new reference checking laws. The intent of this legislation is to provide immunity to employers who in good faith provide "information or opinion" about former employees.

  • Jul 1998

    Degree or Not Degree

    Approximately one out of every 12 applicants, even those who are seeking executive level positions, will claim to have college degrees they do not have.

  • Apr 1998

    Credit Checks: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

    Although it seems almost everyone has access to your credit history these days, there are strong legal restrictions on how credit information can be obtained and used in hiring.

  • Apr 1998

    Negligent Non-discloser: No News is Bad News

    Suppose you learn that a former employee has threatened a co-worker at his new company. Can you be held liable? The surprising answer is "maybe."

  • Jan 1997

    Spiro Agnew: A Really Bad Hire

    It's said that if you can remember the 1960s, you weren't there. Probably no one better proves the truth of this adage than Spiro Agnew, one of the most forgettable characters in the corrupt Nixon administration.

  • Jun 1996

    Waiving Liability for Employee References

    A recent court decision (Cox v. Nasche, et al.) limits the risk of defamation suits when an employee signs an information release waiving liability against the provider of information about his or her employment. We recommend that employers use these releases.

  • Jul 1995

    Poor Pilot Screening: The Real Fear of Flying

    For years, economists have been predicting that the United States would experience a shortage of competent employees by the end of the century.

  • Apr 1992

    Check References to Avoid Dishonest Candidates

    Recently, Fortune performed some research on the "New Crisis in Business Ethics" (April 20, 1992). Their research showed that 50% of respondants under 30 cheated in college and 12-24% included false information on their resumé.

  • Oct 1991

    Ambiguous Recommendations

    The "Lexicon of Inconspicuously Ambiguous Recommendations," LIAR for short, is a compendium of recommendations for conveying unfavorable information while avoiding wrongful termination suits by disgruntled employees.

  • Jul 1991

    10,000 Reference Checks . . . After the Fact

    Imagine you just filled a six-figure executive position with an out-of-state candidate. Then you received 10,000 copies of a front-page story from the candidate's home town pointing out he is a 20-year crook.