We provide competency-based behavioral interviewing training for interview teams including hiring managers, recruiters, and interviewers.

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Dec 2007

25 Years of Interviewer Training

We offer a quick look at some of the greatest changes of the past 25 years and how we've responded to them with our Effective Interviewing!® interviewer training. We also note a few practices and beliefs that we think could use improvement.

Oct 1997

Welcome to HirePath® Online Interview Tools

Introducing HirePath® online interview tools: a unique concept designed for subscribers to access online interviewing tools that help them update their interviewing skills quickly and easily.

Jan 1997

CEO Feedback on Effective Interviewing!®

Executive watchers were shocked to learn that Alex Mandl, president of AT&T and heir apparent to the CEO job was leaving to join a tiny technology firm. He's the number two guy at a $50 billion company who is essentially moving to a start-up with no customers.

Mar 1991

Introducing the Interview Edge® Newsletter

Between our staff and clients, we know about interviewing. Our goal with this newsletter is to share this knowledge and help keep you sharply focused for a critical management activity.

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Manager Providing Interviewer Quick Tips

Interviewer's Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips from our interview training seminar to help you conduct a successful interview. We recommend that you complete the first three steps before the interview.

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Interviewer Making Mistakes

Can You Find the Interviewer's Ten Mistakes?

Most of us have experienced the interview from the candidate's perspective. But how often do we have an opportunity to evaluate the interviewer?

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